About Us

Present and traditional at the market since 1993, Inca started producing handcraft incenses with unexpected and unique scents at a small factory located in Campinas city.

Before incenses to become trendy, Inca researched and developed new aromas plenty of energy and harmony, from thorough studies on the main herbs used in rituals, ceremonies and herbal smoking in Brazil, and we didn’t stop there, and also looked for that elsewhere in the world.

Powerful aromatic herbs, that have been used for centuries by ancient civilizations from Andes, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Far East. As Brazilians we are, of course, our strong point are the uncountable fragrances and aromas coming from the rain forest.

All of our incenses are, since those first days, sustainable and artisan-made – using what the nature offers in its own right, but with the same wisdom and balance the indian nations had while taking care of the forest and woods.

To the Uplands

By 2008, with our business expanding, we saw an excellent opportunity to move towards the heart of the country, setting up new headquarters in the fantastic and historical city of Pirenópolis, amid the fence forest.

There we could learn more about herbs used by locals since the first settlers broke into the country’s inlands, extending even more our mix of products and bringing new items to a loyal public that relies on the care and quality of Inca while producing incenses and smoking formulas.

The excellent infrastructure, although still with that countryside feelings and the calmness that just a humble community can have, we were able to reach every single part of Brazil – and even some countries elsewhere – delivering unexpecting and unique incenses, which have been produced just as we made in the beginning.


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